Buddy Belt Harness Liners
Buddy Belt Harness Liners

Buddy Belt Harness Liners

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Buddy Belt Harness Liners are extra soft leather pads that Velcro onto the Buddy Belt Harness leg loops. These Liners offer extra comfort for sensitive dogs or are simply to be used as added comfort until the leather harness softens and forms itself to your dog. Use these liners if you notice irritated skin under your dog’s front legs when using a BB Harness. Each size is custom designed to fit its corresponding Buddy Belt Harness size. Instructional diagrams are shown on the back of the packaging hang tag.  Actual harness is sold separately.
 Step 1: They are attached smooth side out. Place the Buddy Belt Harness color side up, place the Liner smooth side down. (Note the position of the Size numbers and velcro strip). 
 Step 2: Start at the center (chest) and work out. Smooth into place and then check that the Velcro is properly aligned and firmly attached (with the flaps pointing down in front).

Available colors:  White, Silver, Gold.

Available in sizes:  1-10

**Please note: We receive our shipments from Canada twice a month. Please allow extra time to receive.

*When measuring the chest, place tape measure directly behind your dogs front legs (preferably when dog is standing up).  Chest is the most important measurement!


Size 1:  Chest: 8-10" (approx. dog weight <2 lbs)
Size 2:  Chest: 10-12" (approx. dog weight 2-4 lbs)
Size 2.5:  Chest: 11-13" (approx. dog weight 3-5 lbs)
Size 3:  Chest: 12-14" (approx. dog weight 4-8 lbs)
Size 3.5:  Chest: 13-15" (approx. dog weight 7-9 lbs)
Size 4:  Chest: 14-16" (approx. dog weight 8-12 lbs) 
Size 5:  Chest: 16-18" (approx. dog weight 12-18 lbs)
Size 6:  Chest: 18-22" (approx. dog weight 18-25 lbs)
Size 7:  Chest: 22-26" (approx. dog weight 25-45 lbs)  
Size 8:  Chest: 26-30" (approx. dog weight 45-60+ lbs)
Size 9:  Chest: 30-36" (approx. dog weight 60-85+ lbs)
Size 10:  Chest: 35-42" (approx. dog weight 85-100+ lbs)

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