The latest in Pet Fashion Trends: Spring 2021

Spring is here (finally!) and after a year of quarantine and no travel, our dogs are ready for an adventure! Vanderpump carriers are bringing us shades of blush pink for a posh brunch out. Fashion has never been more flamboyant. Metallics are *IN*, as are bold statement hoodie and tees in the brightest of colors. It seems even our dogs have gone a little stir crazy, and are ready to express there personalities via fashion. Now is the time to let your divas shine!

Diva Dog HoodieRich Bitch HoodieMetallic JacketVanderpump Carrier
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Dog Sweaters

‘Tis the season… for chilly dogs to get warm!  As the cold months come upon us, you may find that your little pooch is increasingly reluctant to charge out the door, into the chilly weather outside.  Chances are good that it isn’t because they no longer wish to greet the mailman, but they are just feeling the winter temperatures.  While some breeds can simply grow a thicker, longer coat, most dogs will find a sweater or coat the perfect solution to their troubles.  Dog sweaters come in a variety of materials.  Among the most popular materials are wool, cashmere, and alpaca.  Our wool sweaters, by Chilly Dog, are handknit in Peru, using vegetable dyes, making them the most eco friendly sweaters.  Cashmere sweaters, by Canine Styles, are the ultimate luxurious solution to the winter cold, and are soft and lightweight enough to be appropriate to spring temperatures as well.  Alpaca sweaters, by Alqo Wasi, are ideal for dogs with sensitive skin, as they are hypoallergenic, and are even warmer and stronger than wool.  No matter what fabric your dog prefers, you are sure to find the perfect fit and style with our enormous selection of designer dog sweaters for all dog sizes!

Alpaca Dog SweaterWool Dog Sweater
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Dogue - Glamour Mutt Fashion Report

Dogue Fashion
(This look is so in right now.)

While every dog should have at least one Avant-garde outfit in their wardrobe, we suggest a more wearable (but still fashion-forward) look for most days.  Here's the quick rundown on Spring's most wearable trends:
  • iStyle is making a fierce comeback this spring with bold prints, catchy phrases, and, of course, attitude.
lavender dog sweatercashmere dog sweaterdog sweaters
  • It's all about the cashmere - it's the perfect, soft fabric for Spring.  Keep your dog warm and comfortable with a luxurious Canine Styles cashmere sweater.
Suit dog harnessdog suit vestdog bowtie
  • You can thank JT for this trend!  This swanky gentleman's look isn't just for special occasions - Dress up your stud for a trip to the dog park and watch them swoon from miles away...
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Dog Costumes

Dog costumes are a fun way to celebrate holidays. Whether it’s the fourth of July, or Halloween, costumes for dogs are very popular and appropriate for pups of all sizes and ages. Of course, everyone wants his or her dog to win the unofficial best costume prize, and we think the best costumes are the ones that draw from your dog’s size or unique personality. Sometimes the funniest costumes are the ones that poke fun of your dog’s small or large size. For instance, a tiny Chihuahua looks extra hilarious in an eye catching red devil costume, while a large (normally intimidating-looking) Doberman will look adorable in a cute bunny or fairy costume. Princess costumes for dogs are a popular choice for girl dogs of all sizes, and they bring out the diva in every canine. Superhero costumes bring out the bold side in male dogs, and they love the attention a cute costume brings them! If you are looking for a gender-neutral costume, consider a bumblebee, monster, or even a gnome! This years new Wizard of Oz series are sure to be a hit (we especially love Tin Man and Dorothy!) We suggest ordering your special festive wear weeks ahead of time to make sure you have the perfect fit. When you receive your order, don’t wait till the day of the event to put the costume on your pup, have them try it on right away to make sure you don’t need a smaller or larger size. If it’s your dog’s first time wearing any type of clothing, make sure to give him or her lots of positive reinforcement to make their experience as pleasant as possible- some extra treats will do the trick! ;)
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Dog Days of summer: Part 2

A dog’s summer wardrobe should be fun, sporty and lightweight. Dogs love playing in water during hot summer days. Whether you live by the beach, lake or have a swimming pool, keeping your dog cool is important for his/her health. Dogs only have sweat glands in areas that are not covered with fur (such as the paws and nose), which is why they pant to keep cool, as heat is lost by evaporation. If your dog is swimming in shallow or still water, then a cute little dog bikini or trunk shorts are a fun fashionable choice. For deeper water we recommend a life vest for both small and large dogs. EzyDog life vests contain 50% more floatation material and are ergonomically designed to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety. Buoyant materials are especially important when there are choppy waves at the beach or lake. 

It’s a fact that dogs weigh more when they are wet- the more fur they have, the more weight they are carrying around with them. While this added weight might not seem significant, many small dogs in particular are at a disadvantage when swimming due to the added weight (as the percentage of weight increase is higher, especially for fluffy teacup breeds!). Along with buoyant materials, a small set of steps in the pool can significantly reduce the strain on a small dog. Small dogs are also prone to hypothermia, which is why a neoprene wet suit is the perfect solution for keeping your dog warm when there is an occasional undercurrent of chilly water at the beach, even on a hot summer day. Neoprene is also buoyant, making it the ideal material for your dog’s wetsuit. 

When your dog is ready to end their beach/pool/lake excursion, it’s time to dry off! To dry your dog off quickly and efficiently, with no-stink left behind, we recommend a Microfiber Doggy Swim Towel. These towels act like a shammy so you can wring it dry and re-use it right away!

dog toweldog life jacketdog bikini
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Fashionable Dog Clothes

Many pet owners love the idea of showing off their pets with fashionable wardrobes. The idea of clothing for dogs began with military dogs, to save the dogs from hot and cold environments. Oh, how far weve come! Now, dressing dogs in tutus, crystal collars and designer bows seems like the norm (at least to some of us dog lovers!) When it comes to dog clothes, there are a huge variety of occasions that call for special attire including clothing designed for parties, weddings, Halloween etc., allowing our special little friends to join in the festivities! Daily varieties may include dog sweaters, coats, shirts, sports apparel and dresses.  Picking out the correct size may seem difficult, but we always recommend using the chest (girth) measurement above all others so that your dog will feel comfortable in their new designer duds. All of our fashionable dog attire is available in a wide variety of sizes, so even your large dog can join in the fun! 

There are many considerations when choosing a dogs wardrobe. If your dog spends a lot of time rolling around in the grass, its best to select a material thats durable and colorfast. Our wool Chilly Dog sweaters are especially popular for big dogs during the wintertime. Its always fun to take your dogs personality into consideration when selecting dog clothes (we have a little sassy Yorkie in our office that simply adores cheetah print!) Most dogs that havent worn clothes before may react strangely at first (if youve ever laughed at those youtube videos with the little dogs trying to kick off their new shoes, you know exactly what we mean!) Dogs that are timid to new experiences should be rewarded and praised for their new fashionable look. Many dogs especially love the attention they receive by wearing adorable dog clothing. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a tape measure and let the fun begin!
Designer Dog ClothesZebra Dog Hoodie
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