Dog costumes are a fun way to celebrate holidays. Whether it’s the fourth of July, or Halloween costume, costumes for dogs are very popular and appropriate for pups of all sizes and ages. Of course, everyone wants his or her dog to win the unofficial best costume prize, and we think the best costumes are the ones that draw from your dog’s size or unique personality. Sometimes the funniest costumes are the ones that poke fun of your dog’s small or large size. For instance, a tiny Chihuahua looks extra hilarious in an eye catching red devil costume, while a large (normally intimidating-looking) Doberman will look adorable in a cute bunny or fairy costume. Princess costumes for dogs are a popular choice for girl dogs of all sizes, and they bring out the diva in every canine. Superhero costumes bring out the bold side in male dogs, and they love the attention a cute costume brings them! If you are looking for a gender-neutral costume, consider a bumblebee, monster, or even a gnome! This years new Wizard of Oz series are sure to be a fit (we especially love Tin Man and Dorothy!) We suggest ordering your special festive wear weeks ahead of time to make sure you have the perfect fit. When you receive your order, don’t wait till the day of the event to put the costume on your pup, have them try it on right away to make sure you don’t need a smaller or larger size. If it’s your dog’s first time wearing any type of clothing, make sure to give him or her lots of positive reinforcement to make their experience as pleasant as possible- some extra treats will do the trick! ;)
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