Dog Days is a common term referring to the hottest days of summer. But what does your dog do on these steaming hot days that leave their owner sweating? While dogs have sweat glands on their feet, they rely mostly on (excessive) panting to cool themselves off. But there are certain measures you can take to ensure you dog is cool, comfortable and stylish for summer. Cooling pad beds are a fantastic way to keep your dog cool as a cucumber and best of all- it recharges itself so no refrigeration or electricity is required! These chill pads can fold in half, making them easy to travel with. Speaking of traveling, Zuka Travel Bowls are a chic way to keep your dog hydrated. We love these bowls because you can fold them up and squeeze them into the tiniest pockets, yet they will still maintain their shape when you are ready to use them. Another travel dog bowl we are obsessed with is made by Sleepypod and is aptly named the ‘Yummy Travel Bowl’. If the innovative 3-tier design isn’t enough to wow you over, then the BPA-free silicone material they’re made from is sure to impress you. Since they are made from such a unique material, you can freeze them or toss them into the microwave without worry. 

Traveling with small dogs is a breeze- as long as you have the correct travel essentials. Adding the Summertime Dog Carrier Cooling Pad can transform any hot stuffy carrier into a blissful tranquil experience. For extra hot environments, consider switching to the Freezy Mesh Summer Dog Carrier, which allows all-around ventilation. If you’re just running quick errands, or want a more casual dog carrier, then the Sporty Sling by Susan Lanci is a fabulous mesh traveler that ensures your dogs comfort while leaving you free of shoulder strain. If you’re new to the world of dog purses, and are seeking a year-round alternative, we highly recommend the Soho Carriers. These bags offer a detachable solid top, which reveals mesh windows (perfect for summer), and also allows you to unzip the mesh so your dog can peak out his/her head to take in all the excitement summer has to offer.

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