A dog’s summer wardrobe should be fun, sporty and lightweight. Dogs love playing in water during hot summer days. Whether you live by the beach, lake or have a swimming pool, keeping your dog cool is important for his/her health. Dogs only have sweat glands in areas that are not covered with fur (such as the paws and nose), which is why they pant to keep cool, as heat is lost by evaporation. If your dog is swimming in shallow or still water, then a cute little dog bikini or trunk shorts are a fun fashionable choice. For deeper water we recommend a life vest for both small and large dogs. EzyDog life vests contain 50% more floatation material and are ergonomically designed to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety. Buoyant materials are especially important when there are choppy waves at the beach or lake. 

It’s a fact that dogs weigh more when they are wet- the more fur they have, the more weight they are carrying around with them. While this added weight might not seem significant, many small dogs in particular are at a disadvantage when swimming due to the added weight (as the percentage of weight increase is higher, especially for fluffy teacup breeds!). Along with buoyant materials, a small set of steps in the pool can significantly reduce the strain on a small dog. Small dogs are also prone to hypothermia, which is why a neoprene wet suit is the perfect solution for keeping your dog warm when there is an occasional undercurrent of chilly water at the beach, even on a hot summer day. Neoprene is also buoyant, making it the ideal material for your dog’s wetsuit. 

When your dog is ready to end their beach/pool/lake excursion, it’s time to dry off!  To dry your dog off quickly and efficiently, with no-stink left behind, we recommend a Microfiber Doggy Swim Towel. These towels act like a shammy so you can wring it dry and re-use it right away!

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