Many pet owners love the idea of showing off their pets with fashionable wardrobes. The idea of clothing for dogs began with military dogs, to save the dogs from hot and cold environments. Oh, how far weve come! Now, dressing dogs in tutus, crystal collars and designer bows seems like the norm (at least to some of us dog lovers!) When it comes to dog clothes, there are a huge variety of occasions that call for special attire including clothing designed for parties, weddings, Halloween etc., allowing our special little friends to join in the festivities! Daily varieties may include dog sweaters, coats, shirts, sports apparel and dresses. Picking out the correct size may seem difficult, but we always recommend using the chest (girth) measurement above all others so that your dog will feel comfortable in their new designer duds. All of our fashionable dog attire is available in a wide variety of sizes, so even your large dog can join in the fun! 

There are many considerations when choosing a dogs wardrobe. If your dog spends a lot of time rolling around in the grass, its best to select a material thats durable and colorfast. Our wool Chilly Dog sweaters are especially popular for big dogs during the wintertime. Its always fun to take your dogs personality into consideration when selecting dog clothes (we have a little sassy Yorkie in our office that simply adores cheetah print!) Most dogs that havent worn clothes before may react strangely at first (if youve ever laughed at those youtube videos with the little dogs trying to kick off their new shoes, you know exactly what we mean!) Dogs that are timid to new experiences should be rewarded and praised for their new fashionable look. Many dogs especially love the attention they receive by wearing adorable dog clothing. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a tape measure and let the fun begin!
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