Mustache & Beard Dog Toy
Mustache & Beard Dog Toy

Mustache & Beard Dog Toy

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Humunga Stache & Beard (and fangs!) by Moody Pet

The newest in "mutt-must-haves" Humunga Stache and Beard is made of durable, nontoxic rubber. It's a ball on one end with a mustache, beard, and "fangs" on the other.
How It Works: Toss this terrific toy to Toto, and when he picks up the ball he leaves the hysterical mustache, beard, and fangs sticking out. Perfect for photo ops or a quick costume, Humunga Stache and Beard has just the right amount of facial hair for your pooch to be taken seriously at the dog park. He'll be the most dapper dog at the park!
*Perfect for Halloween:  mad scientist, trendy vampire, beatnik, sneaky devil, etc.*

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