Just when you thought you couldn’t add any more bling to your dogs wardrobe- Susan Lanci Designs once again has outdone herself. New for Winter 2013, the Crystal Rocks Collection features a dazzling array of Swarovski Crystals in pebbled shape design. In this collection you can find the matching Crystal Rocks collar, leash, and the classic Tinkie Harness. For those who prefer the Step-In style harness, the Rock Star has these same pebble-shaped Crystals, formed into the shape of a star- amazing! We found the stunning collar can be worn simply as a necklace, and combined with either of the harnesses for a glamorous look. Also new for Winter, we have new ultrasuede colors! Check out: ‘Buttnernut’ (a warmer, richer version of ‘Fawn’), Platinum Cheetah, Pink Cheetah, and (our favorite), ‘Violet’ (which is a bolder, cooler version of ‘Ultraviolet’). All of Susan’s new designs are available in these new colors. PS: Don’t forget to add the matching hair bows to complete your dogs sparkling new look!
Susan Lanci HarnessSusan Lanci Crystal Collar
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