The latest in Pet Fashion Trends: Spring 2021

Spring is here (finally!) and after a year of quarantine and no travel, our dogs are ready for an adventure! Vanderpump carriers are bringing us shades of blush pink for a posh brunch out. Fashion has never been more flamboyant. Metallics are *IN*, as are bold statement hoodie and tees in the brightest of colors. It seems even our dogs have gone a little stir crazy, and are ready to express there personalities via fashion. Now is the time to let your divas shine!

Diva Dog HoodieRich Bitch HoodieMetallic JacketVanderpump Carrier
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Best Dog Collar

With a sea of formidable options, choosing the best dog collar can be a daunting task. The material you choose is often the most important consideration. Smaller dogs tend to prefer softer, lightweight fabrics like ultrasuede, cotton, or calf leather, while big dogs have the weight to sustain a weightier material, such as bridle leather. Small dogs, less than 15 lbs will do best with collars of ½” width, and bigger dogs have a much wider assortment of widths (5/8” +) to choose from depending on the breed (and therefore neck girth). The general rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit 2 fingers between the neck and the collar, to insure the collar is tight enough to not slip off, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable. Fur length is also an important consideration, as for dogs with longer hair will find ‘rolled’ leather collars an excellent choice to prevent tangles uncomfortable fitting. Petite dogs and dogs with special needs, and those that then to pull, may find a harness is more suitable than a collar. A harness is often the best choice for teacups and breeds less than 10 lbs, as the weight distribution helps to prevent future collapsed trachea issues. The amount of pressure a dog pulls should always be taken into consideration as stronger thicker materials will mean a longer lasting collar which can be used for years to come.
Thick Leather collarsBow Collar
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Luxury dog carriers from Susan Lanci Designs

Keeping with the tradition of exquisite style and the highest quality for your fur baby, Susan has created several limited edition designer dog carriers. These purses are made from genuine ultrasuede fabric and feature sparkling Swarovski Crystal embellishments- sure to turn heads and arouse suspicion that you are, in fact, the most fashionable doggy momma on the block. The super limited edition Tinkie’s Garden style carriers look like overflowing baskets of glamorous three-dimensional flowers, each centered with a sparkling crystal. The foxy fur carriers are ideal for the colder months of the year as the luxurious fur provides extra insulation for your small pooch. The tail bow carriers have straps that cascade like waterfalls along the corners of the purses, which makes them feel both posh and elegant for any doggy-carrying occasion.
Autumn CarrierTail Bow Purse
Silver Fox Fur PurseFur carrier
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Susan Lanci Cheetah Couture Collection

Bright and vibrant, and full of sass! The Cheetah Couture collection from Susan Lanci is new for Spring 2015. Now available in all styles! These new ultrasuede colors include Pink Cheetah, Tiffy Cheetah, Red Cheetah, and Mango Cheetah. The Mango Cheetah is perfect for summertime and is the most vivid of all the new colors. These new colors pair beautifully with a black two-tone design, or coordinate them seamlessly with the previous color collections. Our favorite two-tone looks include the Big Bow Tinkie Harness in Red Cheetah/Black , as well as the Puppy Pink and Tiffy Blue Two Tone Big Bow Harnesses. These new colors look especially sensational in the Nouveau Bow and Tinkies Garden. Don’t forget to try a contracting collar with your new Cheetah Couture Collection Harness!
Cheetah Couture Colorspink cheetah ultrasuede collar
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Susan Lanci Island Flower Collection

New bling for Spring, 2014! The Susan Lanci Island Flower Collection features a tropical design, centered with a sparkling Swarovski Crystal, all in the most gorgeous bright colors. This exotic design is complete with matching harness, leash, hair bow, and collar. We especially love this harness in the Zebra ultrasuede, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the vivid array of colors. All of the flowers are three dimensional and made with genuine ultra suede. Available in: Bimini Blue, Pink Sapphire, Violet, Zebra, Electric Pink, Black, Green, French Lavender, Perfect Pink, Tiffy Blue, Sunshine, and Tangerine. We especially love to mix and match this collection with the Crystal Rocks and Giltmore. Pair an Island Flower harness with a Crystal Rocks or Giltmore collar for a truly fabulous unique look!
flower harnessesBimini Blue harnessmatching collar
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Dog Sweaters

‘Tis the season… for chilly dogs to get warm!  As the cold months come upon us, you may find that your little pooch is increasingly reluctant to charge out the door, into the chilly weather outside.  Chances are good that it isn’t because they no longer wish to greet the mailman, but they are just feeling the winter temperatures.  While some breeds can simply grow a thicker, longer coat, most dogs will find a sweater or coat the perfect solution to their troubles.  Dog sweaters come in a variety of materials.  Among the most popular materials are wool, cashmere, and alpaca.  Our wool sweaters, by Chilly Dog, are handknit in Peru, using vegetable dyes, making them the most eco friendly sweaters.  Cashmere sweaters, by Canine Styles, are the ultimate luxurious solution to the winter cold, and are soft and lightweight enough to be appropriate to spring temperatures as well.  Alpaca sweaters, by Alqo Wasi, are ideal for dogs with sensitive skin, as they are hypoallergenic, and are even warmer and stronger than wool.  No matter what fabric your dog prefers, you are sure to find the perfect fit and style with our enormous selection of designer dog sweaters for all dog sizes!

Alpaca Dog SweaterWool Dog Sweater
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Susan Lanci Crystal Rocks Collection

Just when you thought you couldn’t add any more bling to your dogs wardrobe- Susan Lanci Designs once again has outdone herself. New for Winter 2013, the Crystal Rocks Collection features a dazzling array of Swarovski Crystals in pebbled shape design. In this collection you can find the matching Crystal Rocks collar, leash, and the classic Tinkie Harness. For those who prefer the Step-In style harness, the Rock Star has these same pebble-shaped Crystals, formed into the shape of a star- amazing! We found the stunning collar can be worn simply as a necklace, and combined with either of the harnesses for a glamorous look. Also new for Winter, we have new ultrasuede colors! Check out: ‘Buttnernut’ (a warmer, richer version of ‘Fawn’), Platinum Cheetah, Pink Cheetah, and (our favorite), ‘Violet’ (which is a bolder, cooler version of ‘Ultraviolet’). All of Susan’s new designs are available in these new colors. PS: Don’t forget to add the matching hair bows to complete your dogs sparkling new look!
Susan Lanci HarnessSusan Lanci Crystal Collar

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Dogue - Glamour Mutt Fashion Report

Dogue Fashion
(This look is so in right now.)

While every dog should have at least one Avant-garde outfit in their wardrobe, we suggest a more wearable (but still fashion-forward) look for most days.  Here's the quick rundown on Spring's most wearable trends:
  • iStyle is making a fierce comeback this spring with bold prints, catchy phrases, and, of course, attitude.
lavender dog sweatercashmere dog sweaterdog sweaters
  • It's all about the cashmere - it's the perfect, soft fabric for Spring.  Keep your dog warm and comfortable with a luxurious Canine Styles cashmere sweater.
Suit dog harnessdog suit vestdog bowtie
  • You can thank JT for this trend!  This swanky gentleman's look isn't just for special occasions - Dress up your stud for a trip to the dog park and watch them swoon from miles away...
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Susan Lanci Giltmore Collection

Susan Lanci's most popular collection is now available with double the bling! The Giltmore Collection features collars, leashes, harnesses, and hair bows. The top selling ultrasuede colors include: Perfect Pink, Black, Cheetah, Tiffy Blue and Puppy Pink. The new shades for summer are also available in the Giltmore Collection including: Electric Pink, Electric Orange, Bimini Blue and Platinum. We are especially excited about the new Platinum color ultrasuede, which looks gorgeous against the sparkling clear Swarovski Crystals! The Giltmore Collars and Leashes are available in 2-rows, 3-rows and 4-rows. The classic Tinkie harnesses are available with 3-rows and 4-rows; perfect for the small glamorous pup that also loves to be comfortable. Our favorite feature of the series is the matching hair bows! These little bows come on a high quality French style barrette with 2-rows of genuine Swarovski Crystals (with three crystals in each row, for a total of 6 sparkling crystals). All of the Swarovski Crystal Elements used in the Giltmore Collection are clear crystals that reflect the full color spectrum when in light, especially when your dog is outdoors- the natural sunlight makes the crystals bling to the extreme!
Crystal Dog CollarSwarovski Dog Leashes
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Ultrasuede Dog Harnesses and Collars

Ultrasuede is a popular fabric choice for dog harnesses, collars and leashes. What’s so great about this fabric? Dogs love the softness of the fabric because it’s comfortable, lightweight and best of all- easy to clean (so they can roll in the grass or play in the mud without worrying they might ruin their favorite collar or harness!) This highly durable fabric is resistant to piling and fraying, so it’s a worthy investment for years of enjoyment. In fact, tests show it stands up to 200,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs! With hundreds of beautiful colors to choose from, you can rest assured the color you select will also last, as the all of our Ultrasuede products are colorfast (that means the colors won’t fade over time). 

All of the items by Susan Lanci Designs are made exclusively with Ultrasuede fabric. The most popular colors of Ultrasuede are Puppy Pink (baby pink), Tiffy Blue (tiffany blue), Cheetah, and Perfect Pink (hot pink). The new summer shades for summer 2012 include Bimini Blue, Electric Orange, Electric Pink, Platinum and Kiwi. Susan Lanci also offers matching ultrasuede leashes for almost all of her designs. Some of the collars are also available in 5/8” (wider than the normal small ½” width), which is perfect for larger dogs that also enjoy the soft comfort of durable Ultrasuede fabrics.

susan lanci harnessultrasuede leashGiltmore Harness
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